Posh Tip: Packaging Up Your Poshmark Sale!

packaging up poshmark sale

Let’s not deny it: we’re suckers for good packaging! That’s why we’re sharing this Posh Tip on how to personalize your Poshmark sale before it goes out the door! 

Think about it—how many times are you impressed with how your new purchase is delivered as you are with the actual item inside the box? With just a few extra touches, you’ll guarantee a smile on your buyer’s face (and possibly convert them into a repeat customer)!

What you’ll need: Tissue paper, ribbon, thank you cards, and anything else you’d like to help spice up the package such as stickers, stamps, business cards, etc.

Package your items:

  • Neatly fold and wrap the item up in tissue paper to ensure the item stays put during transit. 
  • Double-check to make sure you’re sending your item to the correct person if you’re shipping out multiple packages.
  • Include a hand-written thank you note. We suggest choosing stationery (or creating your own) that reflects your personality. Classic, fashion-forward, loud—the options are endless, but the results are always the same: a very happy buyer!

Voila! You’re sure to make someone’s day with your personalized Poshmark package!

144 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Packaging Up Your Poshmark Sale!

  1. I see cute packaging as wasteful and some of the commenters mentioned and i agree, that most likely it goes to the trash. For me, i just want my item in tact. I wish poshmark would emphasize reusing shipping materials instead and promote more of a green shopping experience since it is a 2nd-hand platform. There’s no need to create extra trash. If you want to show appreciation, a simple email would do. I also wish there is private messaging on poshmark, such as on the ebay platform.

  2. I have a question that I’m not sure of the answer, being a seller and a buyer I’m wondering how it works as far as Commission in a bundle. I purchased 4 items from somebody that were $10 and lower. So do they take the Commission out of the total or is it the commission per item? Because if its Commission on a total that wouldn’t be so bad, but if my seller had to pay $3 per each item I ordered that’s steep. If anyone knows the answer I’d appreciate it Thanks 🙂

    1. If the items are sold in a bundle, then the commission is taken out of the total sale, not per item. So, if your items are priced cheaper, it will be better for you and your buyers to bundle. They pay less for shipping and you get to keep more of the sale price! 🙂

  3. I agree with the higher commission being a little steep. But thank God free shipping is not an option. I’m on another site and that’s all people try to do, they want you to lower the price of a dress brand new with tags for $20 AND on top of that give free shipping. I had to explain that I have no problem lowering the price but I can’t absorb the shipping too because that comes out of what I sell the dress for. So if I sell the dress for $10 and I absorb the shipping of $6 I’ve made $4 for a brand new dress with tags. I’ve had people make offers on items and once you see how much commission is taken out you have no option but to either counter offer or decline the offer so you lose sales and posh loses commission. Theres gotta be a better way, maybe lowering the Commission so sellers can make those sales. The more sellers sell, the more commission posh gets. In the end it would probably balance out and work out the same. It’s just my opinion

  4. New to PM and a little confused. I usually pack my items carefully anyways, but I don’t get the push for making it pretty. Wouldn’t PM undo all of that to authenticate anyways? Do they then repackage it as carefully/prettily as the seller may have?

    1. Hi Keroiam, currently the only repackaging Poshmark does is through Posh Concierge authentication service, which applies to sales of $500 or more.

  5. I got little note cards from target and tissue paper as well. It cost me 12$ in their little under 5$ isle when you walk in. I guess because I’m selling things that would have otherwise just taken up space until I gave them away, I’m only making $$$ because of poshmark. The boxes are free from the post office and all I have to do is print a label? You sold me. When selling things cheap I see the grumbles. No sense listing an item I’m going to make 2$ on when the buyer is paying 4.99 shipping and the 5$ to me. I think it should be 80/20 even at a dollar. But hey, I’ll take it any way I can get it now a days. Bottom line: More space in my closet and more $ in my bank account. I’m happy!

  6. I agree with every comment in some way shape or form, however as a seller and a buyer I totally understand the 20% fee!! I love posh and think it’s a grand way to make a few extra bucks!! Where else can you sell with this kind of satisfaction and guarantee? If you were selling on your own I think the expenses would be much greater than the 20% fee. My favorite has to be the easy, 100% safe and secure shipping!!! And on a few occasions the item I shipped has been lost or stolen and with out any questions posh refunded the buyer and myself! Total love and respect for posh! Thank you!!
    Kim ❤️

  7. This post was exasperating. Sure, it’s nice to make packaging look pretty but it’s also mostly nice for Poshmark, not sellers who already kick back 20%. I don’t mind the fee: Poshing is fun and easy. But that doesn’t mean I want to cut into my 80% to buy thank you cards, stickers, ribbons and tissue paper. If I have stuff around the house, that’s what’s getting used — I do my best to package securely, I don’t have the resources to pretty it up. And I throw cards out, personally: I don’t remember who sent me a card. I notice the quality of the item and that’s it. If I loved what I got, I’ll go back to the person’s closet. The deciding factor to me isn’t the aesthetics of the packaging AT ALL.

  8. I’ve got to say I hate how Poshmark pushes this “decorate your package” thing. It shouldn’t be required, recommended or influence the rating. It should just be a bonus but not expected. I don’t think someone who sells a great as described & discounted item and ships it fast should get less than a 5 star rating because it was just in a box or an envelope. Not that these private ratings even matter. Poshmark already takes a huge cut and then they expect sellers to buy extras? Sheesh. And don’t even get me started on the flat rate shipping. Every time I drop something off, my postal lady rants about how the buyer is over paying for shipping that should only be $2. All this money Poshmark is making yet they can’t even get someone to delete all these copies of used Sims 2 games that these sellers seem to think they are allowed to sell there.

  9. I buy and sell on posh all the time. The only downfall is I have to ask so much more because the 20%. I wish they would go down to 15 or 10%. It really does stop me from selling so much more and sometimes buying because I know the seller is asking for more because of the fees.

  10. I see a lot of people saying they don’t have the funds to do this but if you receive a box in the mail or a little present with gift wrap just shove it in a drawer or a box and reuse all the cute stuff you can salvage! I honestly really love when something comes wrapped up or with a note. It makes me feel appreciated and feel better about buying from nice strangers 🙂

  11. I LOVE Poshmark! Super easy, unprecedented community spirit, friendly and fast CS.

    Yes, I’ve sold on other sites, but Posh is the easiest and friendliest. Ebay’s 10%, that is just for ebay and does NOT include paypal fees and the shipping charges that come up at the end of the month. Posh takes 20% directly out of each sale so YOU don’t have to worry about covering fees later- your money is YOURS. Items sold $15 and under has a $2.95 flat commission fee.

    Payouts are fast and you choose the method you prefer. For the commission fee, they cover credit card fees, customer support, providing a label- again no calculating box size or destination. All the seller has to worry about is packaging up their items sold, applying the pre-paid shipping label with tracking that is good for up to 5 lbs and mail the item. They provide protection for both buyer and seller. Any items over $500 are sent to Posh for authentication. This provides protection for the seller against possible claims of buyer receiving a fraudulent item and the buyer is protected by the confirmation that the item they purchased is indeed authentic before they ever receive it. How much easier or safer can this be?

    1. I totally agree! I used to sell on eBay (still do every now & then) & I was so sick of paying the fees for items that didn’t sell! You almost have to offer free shipping to be competitive & I’ve been burned a lot because of that! If you can get away with just first class shipping then it’s not so bad but a single shirt or dress is easily $6-$7 w/ priority. I do feel that 20% is a little high but I still prefer posh over all the other sites…especially the community aspect. Rather than lower the 20% I’d rather seem them lower the shipping to get us more buyers, ESP on the items under $10! That would make a huge difference!

  12. If you had ever received two pairs of shoes in the original boxes. With the shipping label slapped on top. Then wrapped with packing tape then you might think wrapping matters. Yes, I did receive that package and what a disappointment that was. I felt as if the seller could care less. Even if the shoes were high end shoes, which they are. What Posh might consider is posting all reviews and not just the five star ones.

    1. Yeah… So you got the items in the orignal packaging the manufacturer used. And you probably got a much better deal. Please explain why you were upset?

  13. I love the packaging part of PM. Yea it might take a few extra minutes and a little planning but it’s fun, unique and builds customer loyalty. Whenever I see clearance sales at Target, Michael’s craft shop etc I grab note cards or stickers etc for my packaging. I just bought a pack of 20 Thank You cards for $4 and stickers for $1 and bulk tissue paper for $5. That’s ONLY 25 CENTS per shipment!! So worth it. . . Happy Posh’ing Ladies 🙂

  14. Thanks for the tips and clear pictures! Noticed tons of comments about the 20%. Yes, it stings a bit at first but I’ve tried other sites in the past and they don’t compare in the convenience and service. We all have better things to do than to type out addresses, double check them, and buy stamps. My only question for Poshmark would be that I’ve noticed tons of accounts/new followers that follow 30k+ people. I always think to myself, they must be robots. How is that humanly possible to follow that many? I wondered if Posh administers some accounts simply to amp up activity. My second question is, I’d love more metrics! For example, would be great to be able to export ally sales data for better analysis. Thanks!

    1. Yes ma’am! You can also order free rolls of Priority Mail stickers from USPS.com, I use them when I have plain bubble mailers so USPS is aware its still priority:) sometimes they don’t scan so having the stickers always helps.

  15. i love receiving my orders in pretty packaging, and i love to try to make my own sold items in attractive and fun wrapping for the buyer! one thing i DO NOT appreciate is receiving other poshers’ junk along with my order, because they chose to include a “free gift”. i have received stained and or torn clothing; tacky, cheap and just plain ugly jewelry; small & stinky stuffed animals; and old used socks. if you insist on adding a free gift to attract buyers or to show appreciation of a sale, please think on it first and make sure it’s something that you, yourself, would like to receive. not as another means of ridding yourself of unwanted trash.

  16. I agree. If posh took a little less than 20% it would allow sellers to be more creative and it would eliminate people using alternate sites such as PayPal.

    1. Yes! I’ve also purchased a pack of 600 simple but elegant note cards for $5 at homegoods. Write a thank you every time and it’s done. This alone costs less than a penny per shipment. Be savvy!

  17. I love packing the items up! I save tissue paper from parties that is getting thrown away and keep it in a drawer along with free gifts I include with all purchases. Some of the items are things I don’t need or items I think someone else would like. I love that the shipping label gives up to 5 lbs because I will include tons of little extras!

  18. Honestly its my favorite part. I posted photos on my IG and in my closet, pretty soon customers were commenting how excited they were to see it in person:) Reviews are a great way to build a lovely reputation & packaging is a great way to do that.

  19. I am truly addicted to all the great deals I’ve gotten on poshmark and when I recieve a nicely packaged item, it makes it all that much better. When I sell, I do the same, and I actually enjoy it, since I am a decorator and it comes naturally.
    The only complaint I have about Poshmark is the overabundant amount of fake/ inspired/ knock offs that keep cropping up. I’ve never seen so many people that were given fake designer bags as gifts before! Find better friends. 😊

  20. would be great if they did 15%. Makes it better than vinted, mercari, threadflip, but not as good as Tradesy or ebay. I would be able to give better deals to buyers if 20% was not taken. I do love posh!

  21. I’ve never bought anything on posh, so I had no idea if everyone was wrapping beautifully or no one was. Good to know there are so many people doing this! I buy my ribbon at ikea – 3 fun patterned barrels of curling ribbon for $1, similar prices on wrapping paper. I get my thank you cards at Target, always $1 for 10! And I’m also a birthday party re-user. It’s so easy, and I think it makes a difference! I have a lot of comments in my love notes about the packaging so I can tell people enjoy it. The only thing is, I don’t do as good of a job on the items I sell for under $7, and those people are usually just looking for super deals and don’t mind.

  22. Priority for me is the condition of an item. When receiving package well wrapped, one may go like: nice, cute, sweet, special…. but when one gets to the item and finds it not satisfactory, all the pleasure from the nice packaging has vanished… I guess, when wrapping and packaging, Think to do it wisely and by all means ensure items decent condition upon arrival…a condition a seller stated and a buyer expects…

  23. I always wrap up my items w/tissue paper I get @ the Dollar Tree, as well as get my Thank You notes. I take the time to hand Calligraphy my notes, & finish up my package w/either ribbon, or I’ll use multicolor pretty yarns to tie them up. I’m always the one @ B-day parties & @ Holidays taking all the ribbon & bows to recycle & use on my sales.
    I think no matter what, I’d at least try to impress the buyer w/a nicely presented package of their new purchases. I individually wrap each item. I also put heart shaped pieces of Snuggle fabric softener sheets in the bottom to keep everything smelling fresh. I’ll just sit & cut them out while watching tv, or just make the time to do it. Do I work full time? No. Do I have kids? No. That’s why I feel it’s my, “little closet job”, & I enjoy doing the little extras.

    1. Your comment made me giggle. I’m the well-known weird friend that swipes all of the tissue paper from gift bags at birthdays and showers, neatly folds it, then takes it home to pad other packages. I also got a great wrapping and packaging tip years ago. My local newspaper office frequently has end rolls of newspaper left and is more than willing to sell it for super cheap. I got a 3 foot roll of paper that weighs about 15 lbs for just a few bucks. I used some of it for wrapping and packing glassware for storage and movies but now I use it to pad my Posh packages for mailing. It’s just plain newspaper paper but it’s durable, pads well, and is cheaper to pad with than tissue paper. I still take the extra step to wrap the individual packages in pretty paper, ribbon, and a card but the padding to keep in in place is just simple, cheap newspaper. 🙂

  24. I love receiving a nicely wrapped package! 1) It shows me how the item may have been cared for by the seller, 2) that the seller cares about how the item arrives (within her control, of course), and 3) it shows the seller’s professionalism as a business owner. If an item is just stuffed in a box with little to no protection then I’m going to wonder about the quality of the product, especially if it was a more expensive item. I read a post recently from another Posher (I wish I could remember who it was) who neatly folds the item and/or places the item items a ziplock bag then wraps the bag in tissue paper or another wrapping medium. It prevents or at least minimizes the possibility of the item getting damaged in the event the box gets wet. I’d never considered that before and have since taken the same step in my own packaging. That way, even if the box is damaged and wet and the tissue paper and card may be soggy and unreadable, the items at least have a chance of arriving in the same condition in which they left my home. I can’t control the delivery once I drop it off but I can take steps to protect the contents. Does a ziplock bag sound and look silly? Sure!!! But a poor rating, unhappy customers, and no money to spend is even worse. As for the added cost, I go to dollar stores, discount bins, and craft store clearance racks for packaging. On a recent restocking trip, I found a 20 pack of thank you ‘ s for less than $3, and a 100 sheet pack of white tissue paper for about $3 or $4. Even gift wrap left over from past holidays and birthdays or a Sunday funny page would be a nice touch!

  25. I think some of us are by nature “minimalists”, desiring to get down to the simplicity of an item in a box, and some of us love the special touches, and they make our day. Spending a few dollars at the Dollar Tree or another 99 cent store can make a bunch of packages adorable!
    I did think 20% was a high percentage, but this website is incredible. It is so easy, so fast, so efficient, and I so agree that it is so much nicer making $40 on a beautiful piece of clothing than 50 cents at a yard sale.

  26. I always package my items beautifully, i mean like over the top. I haven’t once had a comment or love note left mentioning it. Like wise, every purchase i made arrives a complete mess, just thrown in a box with no zip lock or tissue paper. So i don’t really know if any of it makes a difference, but i keep doing it my way, the pretty way, in hopes it makes people happy. 20% seems high until i remind myself of the countless hefty bags filled with clothing,that I’ve dropped at good will every year! All that money i could have made, and gladly handed over 20%! I’m so grateful i found Posh!

  27. I always package my items in cute wrapping, include a personalized note, or thank you card and a free gift. Just something small, lipgloss, nail polish, body spray, etc.

  28. Everyone is entitled to their opinion, However please keep in mind that Poshmark is here to make money, just like us sellers are here to make money. So I feel that 20% is more than fair considering all that Poshmark does for us sellers!!! There are costs to maintain this site that we are not aware of and I personally Feel that Poshmark is very successful and will continue to be, and I for one am thrilled to be a part of this Awesome site 😀💖 HAPPY POSHING 💖

  29. Hi. The only box I could get at post office was Priority Mail small flat rate box. Is this ok to ship out item to buyer??

    1. Hi here is what I do: I use the Priority Mail small flat rate boxes, and then I put it inside of the Bubble Priority envelope they are free and your items are double protected. 👍🏼👍🏼

      1. Hi Inez, please note that we don’t recommend the use of Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes, as they are a different class of mail than standard Priority Mail. Otherwise, it’s great that you’re taking the extra effort to double protect your items. We’re sure the buyer appreciates this. Happy Poshing!

  30. Hi Sassy, USPS has a box that is for shoes just go to USPS.com and order the Shoebox it measures 7.5×5.125×14.375 and works great for shoes for Boots I use the large priority box, hope this helps 😀 💖 HAPPY POSHING 💖

  31. As a buyer, this shipping cost is preventing me from buying more things. I would buy everything I saw if I didn’t have to pay for shipping. Shipping should be free and the expense should come out of the 20% posh takes.

    1. I tried eBay and the shipping drove me crazy! Poshmark makes it so easy for us sellers! No hidden fees! The best thing is that you can bundle items to save money!

  32. Personally I go to the Dollar Tree or another type of discount store. They have amazing items to wrap with!!! There’s Duct tape that’s beautiful & when on sale it’s only $3!!! Personally I LOVE wrapping my items. I hate receiving items shoved in bags. Everyone loves presents & I want to have my buyers have a big smile on their face when opening their items!!! Ross has beautiful cards for very reasonable prices. It only costs $1 to beautifully wrap your items & it makes your business look professional! Let’s bring some joy into each other’s lives. 🙂 🙂

    1. I totally agree! Packaging is my very most favorite part! I think it’s fun and insanely cheap! I go to Micheals and they’re stuff is almost ALWAYS on sale and they have an amazing selection! As for condition I would assume it’s understood were discussing Posh worthy items. (= Also shipping is always my #1 priority! It’s about bring back your clientele. Being memorable! Posh is a fun community! Let’s keep it tht way! (= Posh Love!

    2. I so agree with you it doesent cost much to.make.your package look pretty and it goea.a long way at least with me.and the.customers ive had …it so nice to.receive something that has been packaged with love rather then just shoved in the box like ive seen it happen…ugh!! i feel like sayin to those people…do u care at all?!! its less then 2 dollars to get paper and a note so come on !! dont be so cheap!! lol

      1. Sometimes it more the time it takes. I can barely take the time for nice pics and descriptions so having to precisely wrap each item… sorry it’s not going to happen. I work fulltime, go to school and have two kids. My priority is getting it out the door as fast as I can. Most things I sell are bundles so if I have 5 packages with 6 things each… that’s a lot of wrapping. It is nice to get cute packaging but people shouldn’t be judged on their product for it. It’s personal preference and I, like some others, would rather have it packaged well over pretty. But that’s just me 🙂

      2. It’s not about the cost for me but the time and the waste. I would have to make a special trip to a store that sold thank you cards, then find a place to store it in my home, then make each one out to the buyer. And the buyer will look at it for 10 seconds and then throw it out. I posh because I want to reduce the amount of things I buy new to avoid waste from making items that don’t get used. To package these items in disposable packaging would defeat the purpose.

      1. They may throw it away, but they do remember you. People throw away birthday cards, but they remember the ones who went out of their way to send it.

  33. How do you all ship little jewelry (earrings, necklaces, etc) using Priority box? How do you package them before putting them into the box?

  34. Why don’t they offer insurance? I’m mailing a collectable out and if it’s damaged in shipping I’m out the money. Plus there’s a lot of expensive designer items on here I’d want my stuff insured.

    1. Hi, Mayra –

      You can use any brown box to ship Poshmark sales. You can also pick up free boxes (or order online) at your local USPS. However, please note that these need to be “Priority Mail” and NOT “Priority Mail Flat Rate.” Here is a quick link, but be sure to pay extra attention to which boxes you order: https://store.usps.com/store/browse/subcategory.jsp?categoryId=priority-mail&categoryNavIds=shipping-supplies%3Apriority-mail

  35. Does anyone have any tips on how to package shoes and boots without the box?

    I’m still on the fence on the packaging tips. lol

    1. USPS has boxes the correct size for shipping shoes. Just ask them. Or you can order them online at USPS.com for free and they”ll deliver to your door for free!

  36. can someone give me a link to the exact box i should use. i have a priority mail flat rate box and guess thats not what i should be using. A link to the usps site with the box would be greatly helpful!! thanks!

    1. Hi Hannah! The boxes can be a little bit confusing because they almost look identical but you want to use the ones that just say priority mail-not flat rate. They are similar in size and the red coloring but it will just say “medium priority mail box” instead of “medium priority flat rate box”. You can order them online to be delivered or if you go to the post office, they can help you select the right ones. I have had a few packages delivered to me in flat rate boxes so it is confusing!

  37. Not a fan of this post. It’s just not realistic to have a thank u card for every single package, ribbon, and tissue paper. Not realistic at all. If u didn’t take 20% off every single frickin order which is completely unnecessary as u know since it’s a ridiculous amount… Maybe we would have more money to make each package as “special” as u are putting off here in this post.

  38. For me it’s not about how is the inside the package but about how you pick your box or envelope. Few times other posher so careless or don’t care, they send me a pair of shoes in an envelope … Just like that, I was like ? Really ? I pay the shipping so you can get those FREE boxes from post office to at least neatly and safely arrive to my door. My mailman just push it in in my tiny mailbox with all the mails, so when I get it out, the envelope already tears open. Also same with some clothes I bought, I know it’s not that big that you can just put it in an envelope but it’s not safe, I always get my package (envelope one) already tears open … All those boxes they given for FREE and they pick up for FREE too … How easy right ?

    1. For me depends on the item. I will package small items in the free postal envelopes, but will use the tyvek ones that don’t tear easily. I will also packae slippers or ballet flats in padded envelopes, not the kraft paper ones, those do tend to tear easier. Regardless I do always wrap them well before they go in the envelopes.

      1. If I have large items, I use boxes. But I actually ordered shipping bags from Amazon, that Amazon used to ship some of their products, and if it’s just one thing I use those. I always include a gift and a thank you note. Some people might not agree, but I think it’s cute when you open a package and somebody left you a note and a present 😊

  39. I try to also include a little extra gift. A pin, earings, or just an inexpensive trinket I may have as an additional “thank you”.

    1. I wrap all my items and include a thank you card but to include a trinket too? I have sold nearly 300 items and that would be too much of an expense. Every purchase I have made has never been wrapped and I personally was disappointed

      1. I always include something, unless it was a lowball and I accepted just to move something. But typically I get excited buyers, so I just include a simple makeup sample from my leftover Birchbox, or a recent Sephora purchase. But I honestly think the card is the best part. And shockingly, I’ve received heinous packaging and no notes or gifts when I’ve purchased. But it doesn’t change my interest in happy buyer openings…. I want them to love it.

      2. Derinda …Wow! 300 items! I’m amazed! I agree it would be too much of an added expense for You to include a trinket. !

    2. I do too, include a little something! But do agree that posh takes too much 20% . And I like lots of items that are for 5.00 but won’t purchase cause it cost 5.00 shipping so u are paying 10.00 for any that is 5.00😕 where is the savings!!!

      1. Question: so if u purchase 3 items from someone, is it $4.99 shipping on the entire purchase or $4.99 per item?..thank u in advance for ur help with this question..

      2. Hi Soynette, if you would like to purchase three times from a single seller, you should request a bundle from them to only be charged shipping once.

      3. Agree! I just sold a pair of earrings for $4.00 I am getting $1.00 from Posh. I am upset that the Buyer had to pay the $4.99 S&H …..that is totally wrong! There is no savings for the Buyer or Seller for items that are $5.00 & less….sad…😟

      4. I agree!! I definitely would have purchased so many things already if it weren’t for the 5.00 shipping. I’m sure I would have sold more too, seeing all the likes coming up.

  40. As a buyer, I would much rather see my item shipped securely in a ziplock bag – this will protect it from the elements much better than tissue paper. Cute packaging and thank you notes go in the trash and have no effect whatsoever on my rating for the transaction or whether I’ll become a repeat buyer for that Posher. The BEST way to make your customers happy is to ship quickly and ensure your item is in tip-top shape.

    1. Very much AGREED! Couldn’t have said it better myself. So if your reading this and can’t afford (or other reasons) the cute pkg. don’t worry! It’s the item that matters 🙂

    2. I think it’s a combination of everything. I want my item to be exactly as described but I also want it to be packaged like you care and are grateful that I purchased your item. That does affect my rating. Poshmark is a personable community and if you appear anti-personable, then the word of mouth you get may not be the kind you want. Cutsie, personal packaging is very nice, yes, but as long as your item is shipped securely, it’s not mandatory but a thank you note should be. It’s the courteous thing to do.😊

      1. Yes I totally agree with this statement. When I receive packages with no thank you card, I feel like the seller’s doesn’t appreciate me buying their item.

  41. Great tips! One thing I wanted to mention – PLEASE don’t include scented items in your packaging (unless requested to, or you ask first). I’ve seen posts wherein people suggest including dryer sheets in with your items, or even spraying them with perfume – PLEASE don’t do this! Many, many people are allergic or sensitive to scents and perfumes, and might have a bad reaction to something like that. Thanks!

  42. I love wrapping my package so the buyer feels like they are getting A GIFT…not a purchase! I always enclose a little surprise BLING that delights my buyers and costs 25 cents!!! My feedback and rating comments almost ALWAYS mention the packaging. Just tissue paper, neatly wrapped, my monogram stamp , a little note and “the bling.” I buy my thank you’s at the DOLLAR TREE…10 for $1.00, and my tissue paper 20 sheets for a dollar. Bling 4 for $1.00!
    So… a little TLC, and forty cents for the card, the bling and a couple pieces of tissue paper and my buyer is DELIGHTED when she opens HER GIFT to herself!!!!!

    1. I received an item wrapped in a garbage bag and stuffed into a box. However I wrap in tissue and even gave cosmetic samples from the company I am a consultant for. Red lip gloss to match the lovely red dress. Hopefully my special attention will get noticed. I find Posh to be quite convenient for me and I love the shopping/selling. So the charges are worth it to me.

    2. I agree. I shop Dollar Tree also for these things and so it doesn’t cost so much, & goes a long way. I know these things make the buyers happy because it always makes me happy when I recieve it special wrapped or a little extra something. It shows their appreciation, & really makes you wanna shop their closet again. I may even add a little something free from my closet that cost very little, esp. if they’ve paid a lot for their purchase. 😊

  43. I have found that certain poshers get ” host pick ” all the time . And multiple times. Share the ” host picks ” around admin 🙂 Thank you !!

    1. Hi Shannon, host picks are selected by party hosts, so it’s individual users. We ask our hosts to pick from a wide selection. Great photos always help as well!

      1. Can you just use a box around the house and then put all the information on it? Or does it have to be priority mail box? And can the information to send something be written on the box or do i have to print it off?

      2. Hi Kathryn, You can use a box from around the house as long as it’s sturdy and well packaged to ensure the item arrives in good condition. Please be sure to print the USPS Priority Mail shipping label provided by Poshmark. This can be found in the confirmation of sale email or within the app. For further help, reach out to support@poshmark.com.

      3. Party hosts don’t ever seem to follow that rule. It is ALWAYS the same people. I have seen the people ask the party hosts to make their item a host pick and the hosts agree like days and sometimes even WEEKS before the party even starts!!! I have also seen hosts post on their closet when they find out they are going to be a host and say “I’m hosting a party (then give date and theme) let me know if you want any of your items to be a host pick!” It’s not fair!! I have seen items in the regular show room that deserved to be a host pick over some that actually got it. It’s not fair to the rest of us. The people who get host picks get more money to go buy new clothes to sell on posh to “get” more host picks etc. I wish there was a way to make the hosts choose their picks more fairly.

    2. A lot of people actively ask future Hosts to consider their items as Host Picks when their party rolls around….

      1. I was wondering why it’s appropriate for people to ask the Posh Hosts to pick their items for HP. I find it unfair bc I spend the extra time to share and I notice a majority of the same people keep getting multiple HP? Should I incorporate this practice also?

    3. You guys charge too much. 20% is a lot and this app is now becoming a waste of time! My account are all messed up, they favor user who only brags about poshmark, I have notice some closet and I have to wonder how did they sell that crap, and some closet have so many nice things that people are not buying.

      1. Neutral on this!!! Yes 20% does seem to be a large amount and I tend to think about using other sites but then I remember that they need a profit just like we want and they do have cost they put out for us sellers to have a easy/friendly experience! This APP is very user friendly (well taken care of) compared to others. Now on the other hand I think it would be nice to have Special Sales for the sellers on certain days that allows us to get full profit or some kind of promotion for the % to be less. Heck even sale days of free shipping for everyone!!! Just a little something for us Poshers to keep us here!!!

    1. I agree. Were it not for that bit of fun, I probably wouldn’t bother with Posh and just take everything directly to my local consignment shops as I have for the last ten years. With posh, the only worthwhile thing about it, for me, is the creativity involved in my sales packaging. Getting those sales is the hard part…

  44. I noticed that Posh takes MORE THAN 20% on certain items! I sold a $10 item and Posh took $2.95! That’s a lot…I’ll be looking to sell in multiple places!!

      1. Karma, I am completely on the same boat with you on this. I think it’s pretty steep to collect 20% on any priced item. I will be selling elsewhere as well. I think Poshmark should lower the percentage considering that there are up and coming new companies as their competition.

      2. I just made my first sale. I guess I should have paid more attention, so I learned the hard way about the 20%. I have now deleted all my items and will continue to sell my items on my own. I thought this was going to be a great way to make some extra money. From all the listing I see on Poshmark, there are very few “cheap” items so making the percentage lower would make it easier and more lucrative for the seller.

    1. I have to disagree with you… The way I look at it, I used to sell my clothes at a yard sale. And I would make 50 cents off of a really nice American eagle shirt. So even though they take a commission of 2.95 if the item is under 15$, I’m making so much more money than I used to at yard sales we used to have. It doesn’t bother me, I’m just glad I have a way to sell and make some money 😊😋

      1. I totally agree! And if you take it to a consignment store they take 50%. And what they don’t sell they “donate” to charity! You have to trust them and you have no control! I love Posh! Everybody wins! 💝 Boutique Chic!

      2. Hi Ladies!
        I’m @toryshop and Posh Mark was not my first rodeo! I started on ThreadFlip/and they take 20% plus you pay your postage in your sales/ThreadFlip also promoted a thing called Full Service where you send in your things and they do everything including the pricing/they take 50% of Full Sevice items and have I have sold NWTS items I sent in that were valued over $250 to be a Full Service closet as ThreafFlip promotes those closets/some of those pricey items valued at over $250 sold for $20 and I made a whole $10/Plus in your own listings I do ( called self listing on TF)you pay-your shipping on your sells/or let me say they highly recommend you pay shipping fees to get more sales)one more thing ThreadFlip is very secretive/they don’t allow sharing or promoting your closet unless you are a Full Service closet/In my heart I believe their Full Service they so encourage/will be ThreadFlip’s down fall/as Full Service closet holders find their Real Louis Vittuions sell for pennies in the dollar! Tradesy/also takes a nice size % as well as being hard to communicate or promote your items or your closet/so sadly every site is out to make money, it’s a business/ Even though I agree/I have grown to love PoshMark and the major portion of the wonderful women and closet holders I have grown to know & care about/I love the communication that the closets have/and sadly their are few sites that don’t take that much commission tend to cater to a younger part of society ( more to teens) so the sale dollars when I really was on one of those sites(currently not actively working it) the prices were so low it was sad/and trading was very common. I have nothing against trading, but sometimes I really prefer the cash!
        Just Sharing what I have learned from the school of hard knocks/regarding the sites I have sold on.

      3. I agree. …
        Some times i still have yard sale, and not making as much. So i stopped. ..now i just sell on Poshmark. I mean this is how companies stay in business. ..their money has to be straight in order to allow us to make money. ..win win situation!

      4. I would love to see Posh reduce their percentage, but I agree that I’m making way more than I would have if I had sold these items at a yard sale, with a lot less grief!

        As for packaging and gift wrap, it is so easy to be creative at little to no expense. I have a stash of wrapping materials but I find myself reusing materials I’ve received. Cut around the ripped ends and you have a fresh piece of tissue paper. I roll my clothes like a tootsie roll and twist the ends which I tie off with twine. Simple and cheap.

        How about wrapping an item in the comics? Just protect the piece from newsprint bleed by placing it in a plastic bag first.

        So many ways to wrap creatively, so little time!

  45. Personally, it is fun to package creatively. I understand we don’t all have the resources to buy the trimmings. Perhaps if Posh took a little less than 20% off the price more of us could afford to buy cute packaging. I’m mainly focused on what’s inside the package when I receive my orders.

    1. I agree. It really makes it more of a hobby when you pay so much for shipping and handling then 20% for Poshmark AND extra for tissue, ribbon, thank you notes and free gifts. They may be fine for Louis Vuitton bags that you pay/save hundreds on but on average it starts to make it not worth it. I love Poshmark but most of the time I have to ask so much more for an item because of what Poshmark is taking, therefore I can’t sell it. My daughter has found so many things on Poshmark she wanted and then went to eBay and found it a lot less and with free shipping. I won’t do PayPal because it’s against posh rules but I understand why so many do. Poshmark would make so many more sales of they lowered the percentage they take and the postage. Every time I see a friend or aqaintance selling on facebook, yard sells etc or shopping around for something, I always recommend Poshmark and in almost 8 months I’ve gotten 1 person actually do it (I have no idea who she is but I got the $5 credit) I post on Instagram, facebook, tumbler, Twitter, Pinterest, and word of mouth. I always get the same 2 responses “they take too much” “the postage is too much”.

      1. I agree if it wasn’t for the five dollar shipping I would be in posh heaven and broke but happy, haha then to sell an item with 3 dollars taken off the top or 20% is a lot eBay is free shipping. I love the conCept of Osh just we get hit front and back end!

      2. Hello i was reading all the comments and i agree for the most part. I’ve shopped on Ebay and sold on their. The down side with selling on Ebay is, their fees are way more than Poshmark. Also when you see FREE SHIPPING, that’s because the seller is paying your shipping not Ebay. For the most part that “free shipping” is included in the sale price. Poshmark shipping is only $4.99 i thought that was good. Because shipping can be expensive depending on where the buyer lives. And Posh offers one flat rate regardless of where the buyer may live. I’ve purchased things from sites other than Ebay and the shipping and handling was high. Some times almost the same amount of the item in purchasing. So i was thinking $4.99 was a good deal plus they have time when they offer shipping discounts. I’m just saying maybe we should look at it from that point. 20% is a lil much but Ebay fees are wayyy more expecially if your selling more than 5 items on there. I call them back breaking fees. Lol. ..thanks for listening

      3. Ebay only charges 10% and both buyer and seller are way better protected from fraud. I don’t know why people keep saying ebay fees are higher than posh but it is false. Don’t get me wrong I like posh and it’s easier to sell here than ebay but I hate when I see people feeding false information

    2. I completely agree with you! Since I love crafting/DIY/repurposing items, It’s therapeutic for me when I have the time to make the packaging beautiful, but when I don’t have the time, I always try to at least have nice thank you card to put into the packaging and it makes the buyers really happy. I just made my first sale, and got 5 stars!!

      1. I love the flat rate shipping. I, also have sold on ebay and am still selling via my etsy boutique. The shipping fees are outrageous on other sites. And, yes, when you see free shipping IT IS THE SELLER who’s paying for it all. Poshmark might be taking a higher percentage, but when you consider how much a website with a shopping cart costs… I’ll keep selling my things here. A little thank you note is no big deal to add to your packaging and, as far as tissue paper is concerned, I always use something to protect the merchandise when I ship it to its new owner, it’s just common sense. I don’t have ribbon, but I use fun yarn??? anywho, I love this site, I just find it addicting!!!

      2. I’m on Poshmark @nicoleshier & I think Poshmark has been great. I’ve tried other selling sites, and they all have their downfalls. While Posh takes 20%, eBay does have fees just to list items, and the listing fees add up pretty quickly. So, while it sucks that Posh takes 20%, at least it’s an easier app to use, and there are no listing fees that you have to keep track of. There’s no surprise bill at the end of the month. 👍🏻

      3. I agree with the % posh takes. Its a little steep. Also I made my first sell recently I packaged the item with posh love very cute included a thank you card and a free gift. The buyer gave me a poor rating because she was charged a shipping fee when the package arrived. I explained that I had nothing to do with that and that her bad rating wasn’t toward posh that it was the seller your giving the rating to. She changed her rating but still doesn’t help me. My point being why would she be charged twice for shipping? She said it’s happened more than once and that posh isnt as fun for her any more. I just trying to get info for her I feel so bad that she’s had pay twice for an item. Posh wasn’t any help for her. Which isn’t what I would call good business ethic. I told her to check with her post office. Any suggestions would be great. If people are getting double dipped for what’s only supposed to be a 4.99 flat shipping rate it’s not right. Thanks for any help

      1. Totally agree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 20 is tooooo muchhh!!!!! they should do 10%

    3. I also agree….Sometimes u hear this percent taken…u think other things….then we’re doing it ….so here either u stay or not….but if u do…just go with the flow….and a lot of ushaaaaaa!!!!..as in that movie that he went to meditating and they had to use this words when they got mad…lol

    4. Everybody loves a pretty wrapped package come to their front door but the one thing that is VERY upsetting to me is when a customer EXPECTS this. Posting already takes a lot of valuable time when I have 2 boys under the age of 2 and if I happen to have a card and paper I will wrap it but sometimes I only have the time to write a Thank you note. I was VERY upset to receive a 4/5 stars ONLY because her item wasn’t wrapped. We poshers spend a lot of time looking over our items and carefully & honestly describing an item only to receive a less than satisfactory rating because they didn’t get a card?! That’s ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS and if Poshmark could have a way to dispute a rating like Ebay does, that would be great!

      1. With that being said I love everything else about this app and yes 20% does seem high, we aren’t forced into selling here and if we don’t like it, we can always bring our business elsewhere!

      2. Totally agree with you. I was given a bad rating because the buyer had to pay shipping fee when her pkg arrived. Im not sure why but she gave me the bad rating when she was obviously upset with posh. I pkged the item really cute(tissue,thank u card and a free gift) but she gave me the bad rating. I agree posh should give us the opportunity to dispute a bad rating especially when it has nothing to do with our sale or item..

    5. I agree that postmark takes way too much money out of the sale & shipping is way too high. I would definitely buy more if the shipping wasn’t so high. I’m thinking of finding another place to sell my stuff. I’m selling a lot for decent prices and not making any money.

    6. Thank you. I am the same way as long as you wrapped it in something and not just tossed it in the box i dont care about what its wrapped in. As well some people want to buy items at cheap prices and then want it wrapped up all cute and then you have to drop off at post office. Now when do I make my profit from the deal?

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