Posh Tip: Packaging Up Your Poshmark Sale!

packaging up poshmark sale

Let’s not deny it: we’re suckers for good packaging! That’s why we’re sharing this Posh Tip on how to personalize your Poshmark sale before it goes out the door! 

Think about it—how many times are you impressed with how your new purchase is delivered as you are with the actual item inside the box? With just a few extra touches, you’ll guarantee a smile on your buyer’s face (and possibly convert them into a repeat customer)!

What you’ll need: Tissue paper, ribbon, thank you cards, and anything else you’d like to help spice up the package such as stickers, stamps, business cards, etc.

Package your items:

  • Neatly fold and wrap the item up in tissue paper to ensure the item stays put during transit. 
  • Double-check to make sure you’re sending your item to the correct person if you’re shipping out multiple packages.
  • Include a hand-written thank you note. We suggest choosing stationery (or creating your own) that reflects your personality. Classic, fashion-forward, loud—the options are endless, but the results are always the same: a very happy buyer!

Voila! You’re sure to make someone’s day with your personalized Poshmark package!

144 thoughts on “Posh Tip: Packaging Up Your Poshmark Sale!

  1. For me, what makes Poshmark stand above the rest is the seller’s packaging! I wrap my packages in tissue, and seal with color coordinated “Thank-you” sticker (all in pink/,pink polka-dot). Then I add my bus card with handwritten thanks and include a small gift. This is my favorite part of selling AND buying on Poshmark. So few are doing this nowadays. 😒

  2. I’ve obviously had problems in this department. After a couple of people left messages that my “looks” on this item needs to improve I certainly agree! I kind of feel that I’m in a “whirlwind”. I’m learning to do these things as it’s a new career for me. I’d love to have a group party on how to improve these things. I’ve been a professional all my life so I did not do the entire works. I really don’t even have time to attend the parties as I learn new organizational skills, pretty packaging and presentation, and make sure my jewelry is clean. 🙂 I’m happy though!

  3. 6,203 sold listings and each one wrapped, bow and ribbon around tissue paper and I always include a handwritten note. Most times I send a gift as well. I have a 4.9 and strive for 5’s each sale. I love reading over 4,000 love notes!!!

  4. I Love receiving nicely packaged purchases. That’s why I make sure All my items are packaged nicely, cleaned and pressed, so even if they are gently used, they look and feel brand new.

      1. This is not aimed at Deborah, but at all Poshmark sellers. Poor Deborah got this response because I haven’t been able to receive a response any other way. Do not take this as directed at her.
        Because of my strong stance on several humanitarian issues, much of my wardrobe is rehomed. I’m a frequent purchaser.
        I understand and appreciate the efforts by the seller to elevate presentation. However there are only a few things that actually impact my happiness as a customer. Concerning shipping packaging: I greatly dislike too small mailing packages for the item; re—item is so tightly crammed in used packaging that opening is an ordeal of trying not to damage it. I paid for decent shipping.

        Two: severely wrinkled clothing that looks like it was stored in a trash bag until mailed; it is unrecognizable when received because it was represented with professional vendor photos.

        The final and most important issue drives me away from Poshmark until I get over genuine anger, and it’s pervasive among sellers whether they gift wrap or not. In fact nice presentation actually makes my reaction worse.

        The problem is odors. 75% of items come with a dryer-sheet/febreeze scent, or some other manufactured smell that makes me feel ill, and I have no allergies or medical reasons to react. They just smell like they’ve been stored in a bad environment, then “masked” in some way, which never works. I live in a high rise so I can’t hang it outside to air. Laundering often takes multiple washes to remove it, placing wear and tear on the item.

        Cigarette smoke is the worst of all. I realize the smoker can’t smell it, but leaving “smoke free home” off the description, leaving me in a caveat emptor situation REALLY ticks me off.

        No amount of tissue paper, bows, or thank you cards makes up for any of these problem. In fact, I usually shake my head over wasted cost, materials which go straight into a landfill), and effort, have no effect on my purchasing or rating of seller unless it’s a very high end item. Glitter is infuriating, and has put my cat in the vet’s office.

        Laundered, pressed/steamed, well folded; accurate description, well-taken photos with accurate color depiction. These things matters. I have money to spend. I have only left a few bad reviews out of hundreds of purchases, because I dislike harming someone’s livelihood. But the problems listed have me constantly looking for a better platform to purchase from, and will drive me away.

        I wouldn’t make lower offers if I hadn’t wasted so much time, emotional real estate and money to be repeatedly dissatisfied. Gold foil labels on tissue paper with handwritten cards and the like don’t make up for what’s inside, and yet those are the things I see repeatedly emphasized by Poshers. This is not a party, and I don’t want a present. I want the item I paid for, clean, not artificially scented, and packaged so I can safely open it.. I appreciate the thought. Others may love it. I spend thousands and I don’t.

        One buyers opinion.

      2. Thank you so much! I’m always just happy to get what I ordered. I don’t care what it comes in! Imagine a Therapist that talk to people all day long about really serious illness and then be expected to wrap a present like it was someone’s birthday or something! Perhaps it was. I think re-representing as a present to another is one thing although an order to one’s self is not an an issue. I am broke! I can’t afford nice paper perfect products and neatly doing everything. I know other’s appreciate it and I’m the first to say yeah…..make it nice….What do I say to a 8 year old who has sexually or satanically abused for many years of her life…???? Wrap your presents nice?
        Sorry. I love working with used Jewelry although I know when I buy jewelry from dead people it is filthy! I have to wash it more than a few times. I’m not interested in Men’s things or children’s things because I only purchase and use things for myself. When a husband is old enough to shop for himself or an Adult Child then they should shop for their own things. lol. I am so happy you reached out to me! I am kind of suspicious about why my things on ebay sell immediately and it takes a complete month or more to sell anything on Posh. I do like that platform but it has a reputation well know that people do not buy from them because their prices are too high. I’m retired now and I just wanted a part-time job that I could enjoy and get to met new people. The people I have met are wonderful on Posh. I do feel that I am more educated about selling than wrapping presents? If that makes any sense….My family never neatness received presents for any occasion! Each platform has its good point and need for improvement. I really believe one’s relationship with seller and buyer is the most important thing! 🙂 Again, thank you so very much! I have decided to take my business in small town business to just order or buy whatever I drop off or not. Whatever. Money is not the only factor I do this for! 🙂 I’m going to stick with it for awhile and see how things go. Perhaps I will feel more positive about it when I can sell a new blouse for $3.00 instead of everyone liking and sharing my posts because they want to win a “prize”. If you have noticed, our conversations are monitored very carefully so we are certainly not able to make this a “good customer” deal. It’s more about the money. I suppose I should not complain and I won’t. I’m going to make it what I enjoy and nothing more. Sincerely, Deb. Again thank you!

  5. Thank you! I always include a hand written thank you note with my my wrapped item(s). I want my customers to know I appreciate them!💜

    1. To me business is business. I don’t care about your humanitarian stance nor your political views. I don’t mix emotions with business as harsh as this may sound nor do I put on a front as one would expect. My store has been up since 2018 and since then, I’ve sold and received approximately $385,000 to date starting from nothing. Yes, I have a secret, and yes you get what you pay for regardless. I’ll tell you straight up that the item is in poor condition etc.

      To help those new to the space and to get the same results as one would on platforms such as “eBay” stick with the following methodology:

      A) Take a few days while setting up your account and aim at a centralized theme. Ask yourself the following question “what should I sell? Clothes, Home Goods, or Electronics”. You may combine a few categories however try not to be all over the place.

      B) Marie Kondo your entire home, but instead of throwing unwanted items out, begin consolidating them in one place. A guest room would be perfect or a partially unused finished basement would make due. Begin to discern through the items accordingly and separate them by label. Use the KISS methodology. Keep it simple stupid. For example my closet has both clothing and home goods. So when I first started I made two piles of stuff I don’t want anymore one pile was closed the other home goods.

      C) after separating all the items into these piles take a break seriously stop doing Poshmark after that go do whatever you do enjoy your day or spend time with family forget about it don’t burn yourself out with it. Wait until you get your next “second wind“ and are in the mood, and go back down to your operation room. Take all the clothes you want to sell and wash them hot water. Invest in a lint shaver they are very cheap and you could get them at like Walmart. Spend the day washing the clothes drying them put them through the lint shaver you may have to do this by hand . Then hang each article of clothing and steam them. After steaming them iron them followed by a second steam. Then fold neatly and professionally. After this task is done stop doing it go about your day go enjoy life. Come back to it some other time.

      D) when you get that feeling again go back to your operation room and begin taking photos of your clothing. Yes unfold them and start snapping photos. Buy a few white background boards from the dollar store if you have the money a manikin would be great or even a half manikin. Also, those self-defense half torsos that you always see in karate videos are a very good as well. Take a boatload of consecutive photos try to keep it at a seven photo minimum take pictures of the tags as well

      E) zip up all the photos onto your computer and label each folder and zip compress them. After that go to the website “fiverr“ and hire a Poshmark organizer. They are there trust me just hit the search bar “Poshmark administrator“. There are some on there that are pretty good you could tell by the reviews easily, and it’s not an expensive task cost like five bucks or 10 bucks for them to load right a quick description and list your items on your page.

      F) Get a bot with captcha

      G) when an item is purchased simply rewash your clothing, iron them again hit them with the lint shaver and steam. If the item is a NWT that’s been sitting around simply wrap the tags with laminate and cover that with foil when putting into the wash btw.

      H) whether you have a bot 🤖 or do it manually, make sure (3x a day) to 1) share every item in your closet 2) after sharing every item, do it again but in reverse. 3) after sharing your closet in reverse, ENL each and every listing “edit, next, list”. Why ENL? It refreshes your listing, keeps old items from becoming stale. 4) ENL backwards just like you did for the shares (Just trust me on this) 5) After ENL in 🔄 reverse, go to your notification bar. You will then see people who have shared your items during the day or evening. For the first 25 poshers who shared your items you’re going to go into each one of those 25 poshers and you were going to share the first five items in their closet. If they don’t have anything in their closet, simply move onto the next posher who has items to share. 6) after sharing five items in each one of those first 25 POSHERS who had shared your items, you will now continue through to the next 25 closets in which you will simply “like” 2 items in each of the next 25 poshers. 7) Go to the New Posher section and in the search bar put a keyword that beat describes an item you have been listing for awhile. So say you have a pair of jeans that are a size waste 29 and it’s been in your closet for about three months now and you just can’t sell it it’s a good variage etc. put in the search bar the brand and the measurement and separate bike commas then search. Follow 100 new postures who align under the keyword description. 8) after doing this go back to your closet click on followers and follow everyone who followed you that day until you can’t scroll down anymore. Yes follow people who are following you. 9) After this is done, go to the community page and like seven of the first listings that appear on that page followed by another seven follows. After the seven follows conduct 25 community shares that’s basically sharing the post that pop up on Poshmark‘s main page. 10) after sharing 25 community listings, Share your closet one more time forwards and reverse followed by commenting on 10 poshers who liked your items (choose randomly). The comments can be as simple as “keep up the good work“ or, awesome closet“.

      If you do these 10 things consecutively three times a day, I can guarantee you will increase your earnings potential tenfold. Yes I said it… GUARANTEED. doesn’t mean doing one to five in the morning and 6 to 10 during the day into the night no you have to do this all at once it will take probably an hour and a half to be honest with you. Do this 3x a day.

      Try to see the new people who follow you and see their followers. Do some investigating see what’s hot and what’s not see what people are buying google top rated Poshmark members with high earnings potential and see what they’re doing mimic their success using your own style. But what if I run out of all old clothes I don’t want? I don’t have money so what do I do? Well if you sold all of your old clothes and now saying you can’t list anything more and you have no money to buy anything new to list then you are a poor business owner. The first couple hundred bucks you make from Poshmark should be known as “retained earnings“ and should be put back into business. As a matter of fact I strongly suggest for 6 to 12 months do not take money out of your Poshmark keep recycling it by buying stuff people want. You may have to do some investigating on a good wholesaler try to shy away from all those thrift stores some of them are genuinely nasty and gross in my opinion but do what you must just make sure you wash and scrub those clothes very good. There’s a lot of online wholesalers trying to use googles fifth or sixth page deep the back back pages of cocoa looking for these underground wholesalers you’ll find them . I am a man and I was able to get an awesome New York wholesaler who sells me Coco Chanel for about 50 sometimes even 70% off. I know my transactions between them is 100% legit I can’t tell you how they get them maybe in the back of a truck I have no idea but you can find these people. If you’re not divulging in any illegal activity who cares what they’re doing to obtain that wholesale discount to me that item is laundered by the time it gets in my hands anyway legitimately. You will find these people use the money you make it’s almost like a ball that you throw down the hill that keeps rolling and catching soil as it gets bigger and bigger and bigger and bigger that’s the whole thought of Poshmark .

      Now if you manage to spend all the money you made, although I would have to tell you your business functionality is very poor and need some work, you still have a fighting chance. First write down on a huge piece of paper with black marker “stop spending money I make from Poshmark“. Then start listing stuff try finding live photos of items from the Internet. However, be honest in your descriptions tell the pastors who like comment or view your page item your listing will take 2 to 3 weeks to ship so they know what they’re getting into. Don’t just have people stop buying up stuff expecting a 2 to 3 day shipment when you don’t even have the item yes Poshmark requires sellers to ship their items no more than three or four days after the sale however, regardless of their policies if it’s agreed-upon between both the buyer and the seller then that’s a different story and can be bypassed. Poshmark will not cancel it if the buyer understands it’s going to take X amount of time and they could just ignore the automated pop-ups from Poshmark asking if they want to cancel their order etc. this will keep Pache from canceling the transaction when it goes over 4 to 5 days . Try to be exact on your shipment dates though in your description as much as possible. So when somebody read your description understands that it’s going to be shipped to them within 2 to 3 sometimes four weeks and they understand there’s gonna be a waiting period but they still wanna go through with it and they buy your item make sure to reconfirm through messaging that they understand that it’s going to take that long. When the posher respond back saying that they understand screen shot or web capture that conversation and keep in a folder. Then go to your Wholesaler and by the item make sure you bake in overnight shipping on your Wholesaler side as well so try to look for a good wholesaler where even overnight shipping being implemented but in the price still is a bargain. Yes he’s wholesalers can be a little time-consuming to find but you will go down a rabbit hole on the Internet and you will find them if you know somebody too, that’s even better. Also make sure the wholesaler you getting it from is giving you authentic items that you are actually listening. Make sure again to overnight ship them to you from the wholesaler, basically, the wholesale price must be so low that even adding overnight shipping onto the item will still make that item a bargain even though it’s being shipped from point a to point B to point C. So a wholesale item let’s say is $10, it’s retail is $40, overnight shipping is $11 and Poshmark shipping should always be FREE when a buyer has to wait longer than normal. So, I do this formula when marking up {Item wholesale Price + Overnight Shipping + Posh Shipping + State tax + $5-$25 depending on the deal you get}. Set these prices early on when you listed also for even putting the item on your page, look it up on other pleasures if you see that after all of this mark up your item is actually $15-$20 more than what’s being sold on Poshmark, then either find a better vendor or different item. You’re not in the business to rip people off nor are you in the business for beating people out of price if your prices say five dollars more than the average sell don’t sweat it.

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