Make Poshmark your full-time job


Have you always dreamed of turning your Poshmark closet into a full-time job? Retail on Poshmark can make these dreams a reality. Get started by applying to our Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund!

What is the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund?

Through the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund, we’re offering financial grants of $500 in Posh Credit to 50 sellers to help purchase their first batch of Retail inventory.

In order to be eligible for the grant, you’ll need to complete Poshmark’s Retail Certification. It’s a quick and easy process that explains more about NWT Retail and our policies. Visit the Support Center in your Account tab to get your certification.

As a Retail seller, this is only the beginning. We’re working behind the scenes to bring you even more tools to grow your business.

Apply to the Fashion Entrepreneurs Fund today!

The New World of Fashion is Now on Poshmark


Millions of women across America get it: Poshmark is the best place to buy and sell fashion because it’s also the perfect way to connect with fellow fashion lovers and express your personal style. Hold onto your Manolos, Poshers, because it’s getting even better.

Introducing Retail on Poshmark: bringing you the brands and styles you love like no one else. Now you can shop brand new retail AND previously loved resale – right out of the closets of women whose style you adore.

It’s everything you want, all in one place. Discover Retail on Poshmark.

iPhone 6 Cases Boho Jewelry Cardigans for Fall
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How To Create A Listing on Poshmark


So you want to make money selling women’s fashion from your mobile device? First thing’s first: download Poshmark! We have updated our listing process, so make sure you  have the latest update available for free from the App Store and Google Play. As always, you’ll still be able to list an item for sale in less than a minute. 

Next, follow this step-by-step guide to optimize your listing so it will be seen by the millions of shoppers on Poshmark. Whether they’re browsing or searching, these tips are proven to connect prospective buyers with your item.


Perhaps the most important part of your listing is the first photo in your listing, a.k.a. the Covershot. Like a storefront window, you want to present your item in an appealing way to attract buyers. Be sure to include photos of your item from multiple angles and highlight important details.

What Are You Selling?

The listing title is prime real estate. Not only is it highly visible in browse, but it’s also essential for search discoverability. It’s best to be precise, concise and accurate. We recommend including the following, if applicable: brand name, item type, color and material.

Describe it!

Give as many relevant details as possible, such as color, feature, notes on fit and size, condition, fabric type and measurements. Being as descriptive as possible can make a buyer click the Buy Now button faster!

Spelling and style types also are very important, especially when shoppers are using search to find items. Be sure to reference our Fashion Glossary for help.


We’ve enhanced categories and added subcategories to help your items get discovered! Be as accurate as possible in selecting the appropriate options.


We recommend selecting pre-determined sizes when applicable. Many shoppers take advantage of our My Size filter, and custom sizes won’t appear in these results. If your item can fit multiple sizes or has non-US sizing, use the item description field to explain sizing in detail.

If your listing represents multiple items available for sale, we recommend creating one listing per size available. Note that many shoppers take advantage of the My Size filter, which is only compatible with the standard, non-custom sizes.


Include the item’s brand here. If it’s a major brand, select it from the list for best results. Otherwise, you can also fill in a custom brand. Keep in mind that you can only change a brand up to three times on a single listing. If your item is unbranded, leave this blank

Please note that using this field in a manner that uses another brand to advertise your listing or to imply that your item is inspired by a brand is prohibited on our platform. For more on this, see our FAQs.


You can select up to four colors in your listing. If you want to elaborate on the color of your item, be sure to include this in the “Describe It!” section.

New With Tags

Select “Yes” if your item is new, unused and has original tags attached. If you’ve selected yes, you’ll also see “New With Tags Retail.” Choose this option if your item was purchased directly from a brand or distributor, and is now being sold for the first time.

If your item is used or no longer has the original tags attached, select “No.”

Original Price

Including the original retail price helps shoppers know how much they are saving. Not sure? It’s best to set this at $0.

Listing Price

This is the desired sale price, before Poshmark’s fee. Note that you can adjust the price of your unsold item at any time. For more help, see some pricing tips and learn about Price Drop Notifications.

Are you creating an informational listing that doesn’t represent an item for sale? Set the price to $0 to mark it as Not For Sale so someone doesn’t accidentally purchase it.

Your Earnings (When Sold)

If it sells for the above listing price, this is how much you would earn after Poshmark’s fee. This is for your eyes only and will not appear in the listing.

Questions? Email and someone will be happy to assist you.

Connect for Success with Meet the Posher

082615_meet the posher

In between shopping and sharing, we have been obsessed with meeting and greeting new friends through Meet the Posher. Whether you’re new or are well on your way to Posh Mentor status, it’s all about spreading the #PoshLove that is the heart of the Poshmark community.

Connect, Meet and Mingle!

The best way to get started is by opening the app and setting up your listing. Then go to the People Finder to discover New People. Write them a welcome comment on their Meet the Posher listing.

Why welcome new Poshers?

Not only will you make new friends, but you will also expand and strengthen your network. Being social is not just a nice thing to do, but it’s a proven way to achieve selling success.

So go forth and meet!

App Update: Grow Your Network & Sales with Meet the Posher


Not only is making new friends fun, but when you do it on Poshmark, it can lead to more sales! To help you grow your network, we’ve made it easier than ever to connect with new Poshers and deepen existing relationships – all thanks to Meet the Posher.

How to Connect with Meet the Posher

A Meet the Posher listing is the perfect way to introduce yourself to the community. Here’s how to get started:

Step 1: Create a listing that’s all about you! Include personal photos and info – and be sure to type in the brand as “Meet the Posher.” Already made a personal listing? Share it with your followers and then skip ahead to Step 2.

Step 1

Step 2: Go to your About page and click “Choose Your Meet the Posher Listing.”

Step 2

Step 3: Select your listing and save it. That’s it!

Step 3

If in Step 3, you don’t see your listing, go back to your closet and share the listing to your followers. Then repeat Steps 2-3.

Connect, Meet and Mingle!

So get out there and connect! One way to meet Poshers is to go to your feed, click on the People Finder and go to New People. A friendly comment on their Meet the Posher listing is the perfect way to connect and spread the #PoshLove.