App Update: Introducing The Bundle Feature

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Buyers and sellers, rejoice! While bundles have been a part of the Poshmark experience for some time, the process is now streamlined and easier than ever, thanks to the new Bundle feature.

Buyers can now quickly and easily arrange the purchase of multiple items from a favorite closet. Stocking up on great finds is also a great way to save, since multiple items ship with one low price. Plus, sellers who want to sweeten the deal for buyers and move more items can also offer customized bundle discounts.

Ready to get started? Just open the app or visit and you’re ready to go.

How To Buy A Bundle:



When a purchase is completed, sellers will receive a confirmation email that includes the single shipping label and a list of which items from their closet have sold in the bundle.

In a browsing mood? Not to worry. Your bundles are saved even if you haven’t completed a purchase. To access them, go your Account, click “My Likes” and then select the “My Bundles” tab.

Learn more about this amazing new tool and how sellers can get started with their customized bundle discount settings by checking out our Bundle FAQs.

Bundle FAQs: Make the Most of Poshmark’s Newest Feature

Now that you know about our new Bundle feature, it’s time to make the most of it. Sellers, consider setting up a bundle discount for your closet, which is displayed on your About page. While not required, it can be a helpful selling point for buyers and you can adjust your settings at any time.

How To Set Up A Bundle Discount:

  1. From your account tab, go to “My Selling Tools” and select “Bundle Discount.”
  2. Enable a bundle discount
  3. Select the discount percentage you would like to offer and the minimum number of items in a bundle needed for the discount to be applied.

Note that all “for sale” listings in your closet will be eligible for a bundle discount. Your earnings on a bundle order will be calculated based on the total of the items less your bundle discount.

Now that you’re all set to utilize the new Bundles feature, we’ve collected some frequently asked questions by buyer and seller to help you better understand how it works.

070215_bundles_seller faq

How will I know when a bundle has sold? Just like any other sale on Poshmark, you will receive an email notification with an attached mailing label.

Can sellers create bundles for a buyer using this feature? No.

What if a bundle weighs more than 5 pounds? The $4.99 shipping fee only covers up to 5 pounds. If it’s heavier than 5 pounds, you can upgrade your shipping label from the My Sales page within the app. Note that any extra overweight label costs will be deducted from your earnings.

Should I still respond to buyers who request bundles in comments? You can still make bundles manually, but you can always request via comment that buyers use the new feature to make a bundle purchase.

How does Posh Concierge work with bundles? A bundle will go through Posh Concierge if at least one of the items in the bundle is eligible (costs $500 or more). If the bundle subtotal is $500 or more, but every item is under $500, the bundle will not go through Posh Concierge.

Are bundle discounts automatically applied? Can I change my bundle discount settings? Bundle discounts are automatically applied when a buyer makes a bundle purchase. You can adjust your bundle discount settings at any time. Simply go to Account > My Selling Tools > My Bundle Discount to customize.

Can I edit an individual listing’s price in a bundle before it’s sold? Yes. You may edit an unsold listing at any time.

070215_bundles_buyer faq

How do I add an item to a bundle? To start a bundle, click on the action icon in the top right of the listing page. Click on “Add to Bundle” and the listing will appear in your new bundle. Repeat with other items from the same seller’s closet.

Can I combine items from different closets into the same bundle? No, bundles can only be created with items from a single seller.

How long does Poshmark save my bundles? Where can I find them? Bundles are saved indefinitely, even if you don’t go through with the purchase. Find them under My Likes and then My Bundles. Note that adding an item to a bundle does not reserve it and its availability cannot be guaranteed. If an item in your bundle is no longer available, it will be shown as such during checkout.

How many bundles can I create?  As many bundles as you would like!  However, you can only make one bundle from a specific seller at a time.

Can I make an offer on a bundle? Currently, buyers can only use the Make An Offer feature on a single listing, not on a bundle.

What happens if an item sells before a bundle order is placed? Adding an item to a bundle does not reserve the item. If an item saved in a bundle sells out, it is no longer available.

Will a seller know if I’ve added items to a bundle before going through with the purchase? Yes, sellers are notified when buyers add items to a bundle.

Will placing an item in a bundle mark the item as reserved? No. Listings will remain available for anyone to purchase until you are ready to check out. When you click “Buy Bundle,” all items in the bundle go into a brief reserved state to give you the chance to complete your purchase.

Do price drop promotions apply to items in a bundle? No. If an item eligible for a price drop promotion is added to a bundle, the bundle purchase will not be eligible for the individual item’s shipping discount.

How can I know a seller’s bundle discount before creating a bundle? If a seller has chosen to offer a bundle discount, it will be featured in her closet’s About page.

Introducing Posh Stylist Activity

The best things in life are better when shared. The same goes for Poshmark – especially when you are recognized for your efforts! That’s why we’re excited to share our latest closet feature.

Introducing Posh Stylist Activity

Sharing is styling on Poshmark. More than simply giving visibility to amazing items, it’s a way to form friendships, show your style and help each other succeed. After all, a rising tide lifts all boats!

Starting today, we’re rolling out Posh Stylist Activity, a new way to showcase this spirit of sharing that’s at the heart of our amazing community. Not only will you see recent shares on your About page, but now you have a place to highlight the new closets that you’ve helped promote.

Show the Love & Grow Your Sales

It’s time to go big. Grow your stats (and your sales!) by showing new closets some love and share like you’ve never shared before! Mutual sharing is the key to growing your sales and spreading the love means cash comes back to you.

Here’s how to get started:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the app.
  2. Find new closets. Find a list of new closets by going to your account, select My Selling Tools, and then My Closet Stats and clicking on New Closets Shared. You can also be on the lookout for new closets by checking Just In brand pages and First Look party showrooms.
  3. Share, share, share those listings!

062315_posh stylist_faq

How do I become a Posh Stylist? Sharing is styling on Poshmark. Each time you share another Posher’s item, you’re making connections and creating a curated collection of items from your point of view. All it takes to be a Stylist is to be an active sharer.

How do I find my Posh Stylist Activity? In the app, head to your closet and click About and scroll down to find recent shares and the new closets you’ve promoted. On web and mobile, you can also find your stats under My Closet Stats in your account.

How do I find new closets? For a direct list, you can go to My Closet Stats under your account and click on New Closets Shared. Of course, being active in the community is a great way to find new closets. Still need help? We recommend starting your search from Just In sections of brands or in the First Look Posh Party showrooms.

Why should I share a new closet or someone else’s listing? Sharing items from new closets is a great way to make friends, expand your network, establish yourself as a Posh mentor and contribute to the amazing Poshmark community. After all, when you show love to others, especially new Poshers, the love will certainly come back.

What is considered a new closet? New closets are those that have joined Poshmark within the last 30 days. Check for their start date under their closet stats, but also check for number of followers and listings. And remember, just because they may have joined more than 30 days before, it’s always nice to show love by sharing and reaching out.

How many people can discover a new closet? The first 50 people to share a new closet will receive credit in the Posh Stylist Activity portion of their closet.

Why can’t I see any Posh Stylist Activity? Be sure that you have the latest version of the app and note that seeing stats on your About page is only currently available on mobile versions. As we roll out this feature, it may take time to fully populate some of the information. It’s also possible that the closets shared might have been started prior to the 30-day threshold or have already been shared by 50 people. At any rate, keep sharing and checking back to see your stats grow!

Still need help? Reach out to

Introducing Poshmark On Apple Watch

Apple Watch_blog_intro

From day one, Poshmark has been a driving force of beautifully blending fashion and cutting-edge technology. So it should come as no surprise that today we’re excited to announce the launch of Poshmark on Apple Watch!

The best of Poshmark is now delivered to you in a faster, more personal way. Be the first to be notified of a Price Drop, browse the curated Editor’s Picks as they happen and connect with Poshers in real time. With Apple Watch, you can be even closer to your Poshmark obsession.

The best of Poshmark to you in a faster, more personal way

Editor’s Picks: Shop a curated collection featuring the best of Poshmark, hand-selected by a team of fashion editors. From luxury items to everyday favorites, browsing from Apple Watch will bring the best deals and unique items to you in real time. Simply “like” an item you love so you can keep an eye on it and shop it later. Talk about a deal hunter’s dream!

Just In: Stay on top of the newest listings from your favorite brands, like Louis Vuitton and Nike, with the touch of a button. With Poshmark on Apple Watch, finding amazing deals as they are added is that much easier.

My Likes: Whether you were browsing Editor’s Picks from the watch or shopping Posh Party finds on the iPhone, you’ll be able to access all of the items you’ve liked in one location. Now you can check in on those items you’re coveting – and make sure someone else doesn’t snag them first!

Price Drop: Never miss a sale again! Have peace of mind because Price Drop notifications will be sent directly to the Apple Watch as they occur. Curious if an item you have liked has been discounted? Look no further than your wrist to find out fast so you can quickly take advantage of the deal.

Now it’s time to start styling the perfect outfit around this latest must-have accessory. Need inspiration? Look no further than your wrist – Poshmark has you covered. Ready to get started? Check our FAQs for more information.

Poshmark On Apple Watch: FAQs

When is the Poshmark Apple Watch app available?

The Poshmark Apple Watch app is available now in the App Store!

How do I install the Poshmark Apple Watch app?

  1. Be sure you’ve downloaded iOS 8.2 to your iPhone. This installs an Apple Watch app on your phone, and makes the phone ready to interact with the Watch.
  2. Next, walk through the pairing and set-up process for the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Once that is complete, simply tap on the Poshmark app on your Watch to start Poshing!

My Poshmark Apple Watch app won’t install, what do I do?

  1. Note that your phone must be iPhone 5 or later.
  2. Be sure that the iOS on your iPhone is version 8.2 or higher.
  3. Ensure that the Poshmark iPhone app’s version is 2.16 or higher.
  4. Check the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and be sure that the Poshmark app appears there.

Please note: Apple Watch is not compatible with iPad.

How do I manage my notifications on the Apple Watch?

Your notifications on Apple Watch are controlled by the settings you have chosen in your Poshmark app on your iPhone. To adjust these, simply visit the Account tab on your Poshmark iPhone app, tap the Notifications tab and adjust as needed.