Introducing Poshmark On Apple Watch

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From day one, Poshmark has been a driving force of beautifully blending fashion and cutting-edge technology. So it should come as no surprise that today we’re excited to announce the launch of Poshmark on Apple Watch!

The best of Poshmark is now delivered to you in a faster, more personal way. Be the first to be notified of a Price Drop, browse the curated Editor’s Picks as they happen and connect with Poshers in real time. With Apple Watch, you can be even closer to your Poshmark obsession.

The best of Poshmark to you in a faster, more personal way

Editor’s Picks: Shop a curated collection featuring the best of Poshmark, hand-selected by a team of fashion editors. From luxury items to everyday favorites, browsing from Apple Watch will bring the best deals and unique items to you in real time. Simply “like” an item you love so you can keep an eye on it and shop it later. Talk about a deal hunter’s dream!

Just In: Stay on top of the newest listings from your favorite brands, like Louis Vuitton and Nike, with the touch of a button. With Poshmark on Apple Watch, finding amazing deals as they are added is that much easier.

My Likes: Whether you were browsing Editor’s Picks from the watch or shopping Posh Party finds on the iPhone, you’ll be able to access all of the items you’ve liked in one location. Now you can check in on those items you’re coveting – and make sure someone else doesn’t snag them first!

Price Drop: Never miss a sale again! Have peace of mind because Price Drop notifications will be sent directly to the Apple Watch as they occur. Curious if an item you have liked has been discounted? Look no further than your wrist to find out fast so you can quickly take advantage of the deal.

Now it’s time to start styling the perfect outfit around this latest must-have accessory. Need inspiration? Look no further than your wrist – Poshmark has you covered. Ready to get started? Check our FAQs for more information.

Poshmark On Apple Watch: FAQs

When is the Poshmark Apple Watch app available?

The Poshmark Apple Watch app is available now in the App Store!

How do I install the Poshmark Apple Watch app?

  1. Be sure you’ve downloaded iOS 8.2 to your iPhone. This installs an Apple Watch app on your phone, and makes the phone ready to interact with the Watch.
  2. Next, walk through the pairing and set-up process for the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  3. Once that is complete, simply tap on the Poshmark app on your Watch to start Poshing!

My Poshmark Apple Watch app won’t install, what do I do?

  1. Note that your phone must be iPhone 5 or later.
  2. Be sure that the iOS on your iPhone is version 8.2 or higher.
  3. Ensure that the Poshmark iPhone app’s version is 2.16 or higher.
  4. Check the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and be sure that the Poshmark app appears there.

Please note: Apple Watch is not compatible with iPad.

How do I manage my notifications on the Apple Watch?

Your notifications on Apple Watch are controlled by the settings you have chosen in your Poshmark app on your iPhone. To adjust these, simply visit the Account tab on your Poshmark iPhone app, tap the Notifications tab and adjust as needed.

Introducing Love Notes!

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Poshmark is more than just a place for women to buy the best brands at amazing prices and sell fashion from their closet. It’s an exciting community where women come together and make friends, express their personal style and even fulfill dreams of starting a fashion boutique. It’s these deep connections that are at the heart of our newest feature, Love Notes.

Since introducing our ratings system, we’ve seen that 90% of purchases have been rated with five stars. This overwhelmingly positive feedback highlights the unmatchable Poshmark shopping experience. Starting today, comments on five-star ratings will be featured in each closet’s About page. These Love Notes don’t just display bonds between Poshers, but they also highlight and promote good work by sellers across the platform.

So head to the app to see your Love Notes and use the feature to help you discover new closets from stellar sellers.

Love Notes FAQs

How do I add Love Notes to my closet? Love Notes are automatically added to a closet’s About page when that user receives or gives a five-star rating with a comment on a purchase.

What should I write in a Love Note? Sellers love to hear that you’ve enjoyed the service they provided. This is the time to not only thank your seller, but to also let other future buyers know that you enjoyed buying from this seller. Whether it’s the item itself that you loved, the gorgeous packaging, the quick shipping, or the overall interaction with the seller – let it be known!

Why can’t I see Love Notes on the web? Right now, Love Notes are visible on mobile only, but it’s coming to the web soon. So stay tuned!

How do I add a Love Note? Next time you receive stellar service on a Posh purchase, be sure to give the seller a five-star rating with a comment. That comment will then show up on the seller’s Love Notes section, as well as your own.

How can I remove a Love Note from my closet? Love Notes can be removed from public view but the removal is permanent and there is no way to bring it back. It is removed from both the buyer’s and seller’s About pages.  To remove a Love Note go to your Account Tab → My Purchases or My Sales → Tap on your item → Problems/Order Inquiry → Remove Love Note.

Why is my Love Note not showing up? A Love Note is hidden if either the buyer or seller removes it. It is then removed from both buyer and seller’s About pages. All removals are permanent and cannot be undone.

If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to let us know:

Introducing Posh Concierge: Buy and Sell Luxury With Confidence

Have you been stalking a gorgeous luxury handbag on Poshmark but have hesitated? Don’t wait any longer! Now you can click “Buy Now” with confidence.

Introducing Posh Concierge: an exclusive new verification and authentication service for premium items on Poshmark. Starting today, Posh Concierge is free of charge for all purchases above $500! In the future, Posh Concierge will also be offered for items below $500 for a $39 fee – an incredible deal for your premium purchases.

So, how does Posh Concierge work? The purchase will first be shipped to Poshmark where our team of luxury experts will carefully inspect the condition, quality and authenticity of the item, package it with love and care, and ship the item to its final destination. The service will be completed within 24-48 hours of receipt by Poshmark, with tracking information available on the order tracking page.

For sellers, we know it can be difficult to part with a treasured luxury possession. Posh Concierge alleviates the stress of selling a premium item by providing your buyer with assurance of the quality and authenticity of your item and ensuring its delivery.

Poshmark is already home to one of the largest collections of premium brands – including Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and more. Posh Concierge makes it the best place on the web to buy and sell luxury items!

120414_posh concierge faqs

What do I have to do as a seller? Nothing differently, except your free shipping label will be addressed to Poshmark rather than to your buyer. You will be able to track the item through the order screen as it gets inspected, verified and shipped to your buyer via Posh Concierge.

What do I have to do as a shopper? Really nothing. If you see the Posh Concierge icon on an item you’ve been coveting, great news! That means the item is eligible for this premium service. Press the “Buy Now” button and purchase luxury with confidence.

What if the item isn’t approved by Posh Concierge? If Poshmark’s team of luxury experts is unable to authenticate the item, it will be returned to the seller. It will not be eligible for relisting on Poshmark.

As always, if you have questions, we’re always here to help at

Photo courtesy Emily Kammeyer

App Update: Introducing ‘Make An Offer’


You know that Chanel handbag you’ve been lusting over? How about those Louboutins? The items you love could be yours in a matter of seconds for a price that you will love, thanks to the latest and highly requested way to communicate and shop on Poshmark: Make An Offer!

Make An Offer allows buyers and sellers to privately negotiate a price for a listing in an easy, streamlined way. Offers are binding – which means it’s a guaranteed sale if the offer is accepted  – facilitating serious and fair negotiations. And did we mention that it’s fast? In a matter of a few clicks, a buyer and seller can agree on a price for that coveted handbag or pair of designer shoes.

How it works:

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 1

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 2

MakeAnOffer_blog_step 3

Let’s break it down: Make An Offer is…

  • private way to negotiate
  • Binding and guarantees a sale if offer is accepted
  • Extremely fast and easy

Sellers! Learn to make the most of this new offer with Make An Offer tips an FAQs.