Introducing the Boutiques Section on Poshmark

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Are you ready for this major update?! The Poshmark Boutiques Section has arrived!

Now at the top of your newsfeed you will be able to simply tap on the Boutiques section and shop from sellers that offer a curated selection of brand-spankin’ new merchandise.

It’s like shopping your favorite boutique in person, but better. You can now access thousands of diverse boutiques straight from your phone. Hello, messy bun and sweatpants.

Poshmark Boutiques. All brand new, all the time.

<<Upgrade Your App!>>

Want even more information about the Boutiques Section? Check out our FAQs.

Download the newest version of the app to get started! If you don’t see the Boutiques Section in your Feed just yet, don’t worry. It will be available to the entire community (including Android!) in upcoming weeks.

New Feature Alert! Find Your Stylemate in Just a Few Clicks


Our newest app update is here, and we’ve taken personalized shopping to a whole new level. With this update, you can uncover new closets to shop, find your stylemate and connect with Poshers in your area — all with just a few clicks! Can you say AMAZING?

So, what’s new? This update:

  • Lets you quickly discover closets by brand, city, and size.
  • Takes personalization to a whole new level with customizable filters.
  • Is the perfect tool to help you find your stylemate or plan a meet up!

Don’t know where to start? Here are some of the closets we’re obsessing over at PMHQ:

  • Closets in SF that sell classic brands, like Tory Burch, in your size.
  • Closets in NYC that sell luxury staples, like Louis Vuitton… (Happy Holidays, to me!)
  • Closets in your hometown, that sell winter favorites like Uggs, in your size.

Ready to dive into the fun? Download the latest version of the app and tap on the Find People icon on the upper left hand corner of your feed. Your stylemate’s closets’ await you! 

Need more info? Check out the Frequently Asked Questions, below.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are Poshers recommended?
Suggestions are made based on the listings in a Posher’s closet, and by the city in their profile.

How do you know my location?
We’ve estimated your location based on the zip code in your address. If you don’t want to be featured in your city, that’s okay! Just go to your profile and clear the My Location field.

What if I can’t find my city?
Choose the closest city next to you.

When I sort by “Trending,” what does that mean?
“Trending” is a sort order we developed to expose a wide variety of active closets. It’s what we like to call our “secret sauce”.

How frequently do the suggestions change?
The suggestions change multiple times throughout the course of the day, so check back often!

The Poshmark Wholesale Portal is Live

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Qualified sellers, are you ready to take your Poshmark business to the next level?! It’s time to shop our Portal for wholesale inventory…and hurry, everything will sell out FAST. 

Visit the Wholesale Portal in the Support Center of the app located under your account settings.

How to shop the Wholesale Portal

Where can I find the Wholesale Portal?
The Wholesale Portal is accessible from Support Center within the app, located in your account settings to qualified sellers.

Who is qualified to access the Wholesale Portal?
Sellers with 10 or more sales, 4.5+ average rating, and completed retail certification are qualified to access the Wholesale Portal.

How does buying work?
Purchase inventory within the Wholesale Portal just like you would a normal listing on Poshmark. Press that big, blue “Buy Now” button!

The only difference is that each listing in the Wholesale Portal represents a pack of 5 items. The price of the listing is the wholesale price of all 5 items combined.

How do I know what I am getting with my pack?
Be sure to read the listing title and description for detailed information about each pack. Remember, each listing represents a pack of 5 items.

How to Prep for the Poshmark Wholesale Portal


Eager to take your closet to the next level (um, yes!)? We’re here to help you prep for this major expansion coming to Poshmark soon.

What is the Wholesale Portal?
It’s a place (in the app!) where certified Poshmark sellers will be able to purchase wholesale inventory, in bulk, from brands they know and love, at competitive prices.

How will the Wholesale Portal work?
It’s easy! You’ll buy bulk inventory from the Wholesale Portal in the app, have it shipped directly to your door, then list it as NWT Retail inventory and sell it at retail prices in your Poshmark closet.

The only difference? Each listing in the Wholesale Portal will represent a pack of 5 items. 

How can I prepare?
1. Make a list and check it twice. Do your customers love jewelry? Shoes? Make a list to be ready to buy when the portal is live.
2. Set aside some funds to shop. Inventory in the portal will range in price and we’ll have options for all budgets.
3. Complete our Retail Certification. You’ll need this to gain access to the Wholesale Portal.

>> Get Certified Today!  <<

Want even more information? Check out our Retail FAQs.


Retail on Poshmark: FAQs

The most frequently asked questions about Retail, Boutiques and the Wholesale Portal.

Q: What does NWT Retail mean?
A: An item is NWT Retail if it was purchased wholesale, directly from a distributor, and is being sold to the public for the first time. Items purchased from a store for the purpose of reselling are not considered Retail.

Q: What is Retail Certification?
A: Retail Certification is a quick and easy in-app certification, required for all sellers that want to tag a listing as NWT Retail.

Q: What requirements do I have to follow once I’m retail certified?
A: We ask our sellers to follow a few simple requirements once they’re Retail Certified:

  1. Listings must follow our definition of NWT Retail: purchased wholesale from a distributor, and sold for the first time.
  2. NWT Retail listings should only include original photography.
  3. NWT Retail sellers should provide exceptional customer service and should comply with Poshmark’s policies.

Q: How do I get access to Retail Certification?
A:. You can access the Retail Certification from the Poshmark Support Center in your Account tab in app. (Or by clicking HERE)

Q: What is the Wholesale Portal?
A: It’s a place (in the app!) where certified Poshmark sellers will be able to purchase wholesale inventory, in bulk, from brands they know and love, at competitive prices.

Q: Who gets access to the Wholesale Portal?
A: To be eligible, you must have 10+ sales on Poshmark, have an average rating of 4.5+, and have completed our retail certification.

Q: What is a Boutique?
A: A Boutique is a Poshmark seller carrying NWT Retail inventory. They are focused on stocking beautiful inventory and creating a stylized, elevated shopping experience, just like you’d find in a brick and mortar boutique.

Q: How can I become a Boutique?
A: The easiest way to turn your closet into a Boutique is to purchase your first batch of wholesale inventory directly from our Wholesale portal, right within the Poshmark app. All sellers that have completed 10 or more sales are eligible to purchase from this portal. You can access the portal from the Account Tab → Retail Tools.

As always, if you have additional questions, feel free to email us at